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Religious Education

Vincent Haddad
Head Of Department:
Mr Vincent Haddad

Members of Staff: Fr G. Bwanali SJ, Mr R. Fernandes, Mrs J. Mwendamberi, Mr C. Kaputi, Mrs P. Crosland,
Mr K. Kawazva, Mrs B. Dean; Mr A. Garande


The Religious Education programme (RE) is open to lower and upper 6, and is a compulsory subject. During the two-year programme, students participate in eight different yet inter-connected courses. Each course lasts seven weeks and the pupils are divided into groups of approximately 30, remaining in them for that year. Changes are made to the groups in the second year.

In lower 6, courses cover modules including social justice prophets; the comparative study of religion; relationships and spirituality.
The next year sees pupils studying prophetic voices of today; law and canon law; social teachings of the Church; and ethics and religion.

Religious Studies it is at the heart of the College and day-to-day life – it prepares students like no other subject for life.

RE also has its pastoral side. Every Thursday the Senior Line participates in a Service in the Chapel. This takes the form of either the Celebration of the Eucharist, or a Reconciliation service, or a Liturgy of the Hours. Singing practices also occur from time to time. All Chapel services are compulsory for all students. The senior Christian Life Community (CLC) attracts many students at its weekly meetings where life issues are shared and the spiritual life nourished.

Retreats and days of Recollection are offered to lower and upper 6 students, where they can move out of their daily routines and set aside times for reflection and spiritual renewal. Only a limited number are accommodated at any one time.

The RE department, in conjunction with others, encourages the seniors to become ‘Men For and With Others’. Much success is achieved through the positive contribution of many seniors. The department’s aim is to form leaders of competence, conscience and compassionate commitment in imitation of Jesus Christ our Saviour.