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Application Process

Registration & Enrolment of New Pupils for Hartmann House & St George’s College

Applications for Form 1 can be made before May preceding the year of entry: ie during the last term of Grade 6 up to the end of the first term of Grade 7.  Application Forms are obtainable from the Registrar at St George’s or can be downloaded from this site (see link below), and should be returned to the Registrar with the correct registration fee. This is the first step in your Application. In May prior to the year of entry, FORM A will be emailed to parents / guardians, which needs to be completed to confirm whether or not your son will be writing his Entrance Examination at St George’s.

There is a fee charged for writing the Examination which is payable on the return of your completed entry documents.

Applications for Places Above Grade 4 or Above Form1

Such applications are made by filling in a Wait List Form, obtainable from Hartmann House for Grades 5 to 7, and from the College for Forms II to Lower VI. (The College does not ordinarily take new boys into Form IV.) Entry to Lower VI, however, depends on the applicant’s performance in his IGCSE (formerly O) Level Examinations, and there are usually some places available for boys who have written these examinations elsewhere, and have achieved good grades.

For more information please contact Suzanne Robinson on registrar@stgeorges.co.zw

Download the St George’s College Prospectus

Download the From 1 Application Form with associated Application Process & Timing Schedule

Download the From 2 or 3 Application Form

Download the St George’s College Lower 6 Form

Download the St George’s College Wait List Form



Download the Application Forms below:-


Form 1 Application Form

Form 1 Application Process and Timing Schedule

Form 2 or 3 Application Form

Lower Six Application Form

Wait List Application Form