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Career Guidance & Counselling

Head of Department

Mrs M Lloyd

The aim of guidance and counselling is to provide St George’s students with individual attention and assistance. This can be divided into three areas:

Careers Guidance

Much information on a variety of occupations, careers and institutions of tertiary education and training is kept in the Guidance Room. This is available to all, and students are encouraged to spend time doing research and informing themselves. Each year, speakers from a variety of fields are invited to give careers talks at College. Careers afternoons for Form 4’s and 6’s are held, to which girls from other schools are also invited. The guidance counsellor is available for advice on career selection and courses of further study. Practical assistance is given with matters such as application procedures, compilation of a C.V., preparing for interviews and identifying possible sources of financial assistance.

LLoydStudy Matters

The guidance counsellor is available to advise on selection of school subjects, study methods and exam tech­nique. Students who are experiencing academic difficulties can go, or may be referred to, the guidance counsellor. An attempt is made to devise a strategy to help the student cope with and improve his schoolwork. This is often done in conjunction with parents and teachers. Referrals to outside agencies may be made, e.g. for psychological testing.

Personal Counselling

Many boys benefit from even a single session of counselling from teachers. It is appropriate to seek help with any matter that is troubling a student. Students can go directly, or be referred to, the guidance counsellor for this. Counselling is done on a strictly confidential basis. Others, e.g. parents and teachers, may be involved if the counsellor and student decide this would be helpful.

**Parents are welcome to contact the guidance counsellor with any queries or concerns they may have.