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Interhouse Drama 2018 Results

Thursday, March 29th, 2018 | Cultural Activity

African Folk Tales from “When Lion Could Fly” and “When Hippo Was Hairy” – Nick Greaves

Competition held on Monday 26 March, 2018; 2:30pm

First Place: HARTMANN

285 points

Second Place: JOHANNY

242 points

Third Place: GARDNER

227.5 points

Fourth Place: BARTHELEMY

188.5 points

Award Winners:

Best Senior Actor in a Leading Role:

Simbarashe Mandoza

(U6; Hartmann)

Best Designer:

Simbarashe Mandoza (Set Design)

(U6; Hartmann)

Best Junior Actor in a Leading Role:

Dylan Pereira

(F2; Gardner)

Best Lighting:

Louis Johnson-Brickhill

(F2; Gardner)

Best Senior Actor in a Supporting Role:

Tapiwanashe Kusangaya

(U6; Hartmann)

Best Sound:

Tayanana Zifamba

(F4; Hartmann)

Best Junior Actor in a Supporting Role:

Shingai Musasiwa (F2)

Ziv Nhlema (F1)

Munesu Chifunyise (F1)


Best Stage Manager:

Tadiwanashe Nsompa (Stage Manager) (U6)

Anotidaishe Chingwecha (Assistant SM) (F3)


Best Cameo Role by a Senior Actor:

Paul Mwendamberi

(U6; Hartmann)

Best Director:

Cleophas Aine

(U6; Gardner)

Best Cameo Role by a Junior Actor:

Not Awarded

Best Script Writer:

Panashe Madamombe

(U6; Johanny)


Technical: Mr. Alexander Blackburn (Head Adjudicator)

Performance: Mr. Sam Mundawarara

Script-Writing and Adaptation: Ms. Christina Hall