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Our History

In the final analysis, a school will be judged on the types of students it produces. For the past 115 years of its existence, St George’s College has every reason to be proud of its alumni: War Heroes and Rhodes Scholars, Priests and Artisans, Lawyers and Engineers, Doctors and Teachers, Farmers, Academics and Sportsmen …. not only have they made a name for themselves in our own country but they have been praised and welcomed in far-off lands. It seems we have brought many mustard seeds to fruition.

St George’s Public School was founded in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, by Fr Barthelemy SJ in 1896. His aim was “to form true men, as good in the classroom as in the field who will hold their places in the world and be leaders of men”.

The restricted space at the original site in Bulawayo, with its proximity to the centre of town, eventually led to the school relocating to Hartmann Hill in what was then Salisbury in 1927. The property, already owned by the Jesuits, was a major financial consideration and it had a pleasant and rural outlook which was considered ideal for educating young men.

The original cottage was ultimately replaced with the impressive castle-like Administration Building. After this, there were a number of building developments, always undertaken with some financial stress but with the talented and skilled support of the Jesuit Community that has always seemed to include highly skilled architects, carpenters and people of talent and vision.

The school has changed dramatically over time – enrolments have risen from not much more than 25 in 1896 to over 750 in 2008. However, some things will never change. Against the backdrop of social and political transformation and technological advance, St George’s has demonstrated a ready adaptability without abandoning its deeply-felt moral convictions or its Ignatian charisma. Its anchor, and its sail, has been that band of idealistic yet practical men who have given so much of themselves over the past 110 years – the members of the Society of Jesus.