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Bright Dzuda
Head of Department:
Mr Bright Dzuda

Members of Staff: Mr. H Sakarombe, Mrs. C Ramahlo, Mr. A Chishawa, Mr G Kepekepe

Departmental Aims

The Department aims to provide learning opportunities for students to develop transferable skills such as enquiry, analysis, interpretation and communication. These will enable them to become critical and independent thinkers in the world they live.


Studying history involves studying change. This is due to the many variations of the history syllabi across the world. We teach topics that stretch from the roots of the Origins of mankind and State formation to contemporary Globalisation of the World with a focus on its current political, legal, religious and economic activities.

Students write Cambridge International Examinations at IGCSE and Advanced Level.

Syllabus Breakdown

History At Junior Level

Form 1

  • The Meaning of History
  • The Origins of Mankind
  • The Stone Age
  • The Early Inhabitants of Central and Southern Africa
  • Ancient Civilisation & State Formation

Form 2

  • Voyages of Exploration
  • The Slave Trade
  • Rise of Capitalism
  • The Scramble for Africa
  • The Occupation of Zimbabwe

Forms 3 & 4

History at this level prepares students for Cambridge International Examinations

0470 Option B

  • Paper 1
  • Paper 2
  • Paper 4

A Level History

History Syllabus 9489: Cambridge International Examinations
Students write four staggered papers.

AS Level History

European History Option: Modern Europe, 1750–1921

  • Paper 1
  • Paper 2

A2 History

Paper 3

  • The origins and development of the Cold War

Paper 4

European history in the interwar years, 1919–41 (Dictators)

  • Mussolini’s Italy, 1919–41
  • Stalin’s Russia, 1924–41
  • Hitler’s Germany, 1929–41
  • Britain, 1919–39