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Examinations Officer:  Mr R Nkomo

In form 1, examinations are held every term, with those from the first and third terms used to stream pupils.  In form 2 examinations are held at mid-year and at the end of the year, with the latter used for streaming.

Form 3 pupils write mid-year and end-of-year exams, while the form 4 students write mid-year mock IGCSE exams and public exams in October / November.

Lower VI boys write mid-year exams and public AS-Level exams in October / November in most subjects while the upper VI candidates write mid-year mock A-Level exams and public A-Level exams in October / November of that year.

Public Examinations

St George’s College offers the following Cambridge International Examinations (CIE):

IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)  Accounts, art and design, biology, business studies, chemistry, computer studies, English language, English literature, French, history, geography, mathematics, physics and physical science.

A-Level Accounting, art and design, biology, business studies, chemistry, computing, economics, English language (AS-Level only), literature in English, French, history, geography, mathematics, physics.

A-Level examinations comprise two levels; namely, AS and A2.  AS-Level may be written at the end of lower sixth and an upper VI candidate may carry forward results of his AS-level papers and write only the A2 papers.  In addition, he may repeat the AS papers if necessary.

The College also offers the ZIMSEC examinations but there is a stipulated minimum number of candidates for a valid registration.  It should be noted that students cannot write either CIE or ZIMSEC examinations at another centre without the prior approval of the Headmaster.