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Sylvester Mautsa
Head of Department:
Mr Sylvester Mautsa

Members of Staff: Ms L Nyamwanza, Mr S. Nyamariwata

Departmental Aims:

  • To develop and promote the Shona language as media of communication in a multi-cultural nation.
  • To maintain and promote a high standard of Shona; writing skills and creativity. Widen pupils spectrum of human life, leadership, education, youth and political independence.
  • To enable pupils to reveal their individual perception.
  • To help pupils understand how the language is constructed as well as learn the variety of cultures existing in Zimbabwe.
  • To standardise written Shona and to encourage all forms of literature in Shona.
  • To consider any other matters relevant to use and development of the Shona language.


  • Form 1 and 2
  • C.H.I.S.Z Shona (Form 2)