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Head of Department: Mr A. Tobve

Members of staff:Mr M Marimira; Mr W Mahwehwe



  • In forms 1 and 2, physics covers a general introduction to science. Various aspects of physics, chemistry and biology are covered at this level.
  • In form 3 pupils are directed by the school’s setting system so that only sets 1 and 2 do pure physics. Those in sets 3, 4 and 5 do physical science which covers aspects of physics and chemistry. The physical science course is not considered to be an adequate preparation for further studies at A level.
  • In the teachers’ experience, pupils who do physics as a pure subject at IGCSE level are unlikely to succeed at A level unless they achieve a minimum of at least a B grade pass.
  • At this time, St George’s is fortunate to have three fully qualified teachers who are capable of teaching physics up to A level. The department has well-equipped laboratories that allow the pupils exposure to a teaching programme with considerable emphasis on practical work.
  • At A level, physics is a popular subject and so there are normally two classes of between 15 and 20 students for both AS and A2 level studies.