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Global Perspectives

Head of Department: Ms T. Mutiti.
Members of Staff: Mr H. Sakarombe, Mr G. Kepekepe, Mr C. Mukwaira and Mr T. Gwariro.
Course Overview
Global Perspectives is a course that stretches across traditional subject boundaries and develops transferable skills. The emphasis is on developing the student’s ability to think critically about a range of global issues, where there is always more than one point of view.
Active, holistic learning is emphasised in this course.  The main aim is to develop skills, encouraging critical thinking and creating an environment that allows students to transition from being dependent on the teacher to active learning.
Skills to be developed in this course include, but are not limited to:
● research, evaluation and analysis of information,
● communication and collaboration within tasks,
● planning and presentation of findings and
● reflection.
Students complete individual and group work projects through the two years that the course is offered. They are taught and encouraged to explore various modes of conducting research, presentation skills using a variety of media.
At present, Global Perspectives is offered at Junior Level (Form 1 &2).