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Subject Pathway

Over a student’s school career, his entry-level (Form 1) subject choices will evolve into IGCSE (O-Levels) and A level choices.  The courses provided lead to Cambridge International Examinations, IGCSE, AS and A-Level.  The pathway that a pupil follows is determined by the School, according to his age, ability and aptitude. IGCSE examinations are taken in Form 4, while AS level in Lower 6 and Advanced Level Examinations are taken in Upper 6.

Beyond the requirements of the academic curriculum, our Jesuit Education ensures that pupils are exposed to a discussion of values connected to the content they may be covering in class.


Entry Level (Form 1 & 2)

Form 1 is divided into two mixed ability groups, with set grading taking place at the end of the academic year.


IGCSE Level (Form 3 & 4)

When pupils enter Form 3 they are re-set according to the results of the Form 2 internal examinations and they remain in these groups for their IGCSE levels.  Forms 3 & 4 comprise two-year coursework that culminates in an International General Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (IGCSE), set by the University of Cambridge.  This is the equivalent to what used to be called the O-Level Examination.


AS and A Level (Lower and Upper 6)

Lower and Upper 6 is a two-year course in preparation for A-Level. Entry into A-Level is not automatic but depends on the successful completion of IGCSE – Level.