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OGs Chengetayi Mapaya & Jordan Mubako Chat to Seniors

While on their summer vacations, OGs Chengetayi Mapaya & Jordan Mubako (both class of 2017) returned home to Zim and spent some time with Seniors from the College recently, recounting their lives at American universities.

Chengetayi is a current NCAA Champion who recently qualified for the IAAF World Championships in Doha, Qatar in September / October this year.  He is currently studying at Texas Christian University, while Jordan is studying Economics and Chemistry at Harvard.

They told the seniors what life is like now – at university, living in America, and how Saints / Zimbabwe helped shape them.  “Coming from Saints, you appreciate how well-rounded your education is, and how you approach the multitude of opportunities available in America.  That country offers so much in terms of networking, job possibilities and advancement in every way, that it can sometimes be overwhelming,” said Jordan.

Chengetayi is on a sports’ scholarship to TCU, and said that “finding a balance between work, training and a social life is hard – it’s tiring! – but it can be done.  You need to remember that you’re a student first, then an athlete – academics are vital.  Even if you’re the best athlete there is, if you don’t pass your exams, you could lose your place at the university.  And you need your degree to one day get a career, because your athletic career is finite, and waiting in the wings there’s always another athlete behind you.”

It’s always a pleasure having OGs back at the College, but it was particularly gratifying to see how two young OGs are determined to forge their own paths in their own illustrious ways.