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The Examen – or Reflection – is an integral part of the College’s and Hartmann House’s daily routine, practised at the end of each teaching day, just before the last bell has rung.

It was introduced in 2014 and is an ancient Ignatian technique of quiet, prayerful reflection and seeing God’s hand at work in our overall, day-to-day experiences.  It encourages us to become aware of God’s presence; to review the day with gratitude; to pay attention to one’s emotions; to choose one feature from that day and pray from it; and then to look forward to tomorrow.

The method was adapted from one of St Ignatius of Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises.  He thought that the Examen was a gift that came directly from God, and that God wanted it to be shared as widely as possible.

One of the few rules of prayer that Ignatius made for the Jesuit order was the requirement that Jesuits practise the Examen twice daily and is a habit that Jesuits, and many other Christians, including the members of the College and Hartmann House, continue to practice.

Acknowledgement:  www.ignatianspirituality.com