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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Alumni Office?

The Alumni Office is run by Gertie Makuvise, the Alumni Officer. It acts as a link between OGs (Old Georgians), St George’s, the OGA (Old Georgians’ Association) and the EFFT (Ex Fide Fiducia Trust).

What’s the difference between the Alumni Office and the OGs’ Association?

The Alumni Office is based at the College, and is a Department within the School’s Administration block. The worldwide OG database is confidential in its entirety, and is maintained by the Alumni Office.

Every student (‘alumnus’) who leaves the College (or Hartmann House), at whatever Form (or Grade), is considered an OG forever.  An alumnus will complete a basic valete form which is handed to the Alumni Department so that he/she can be added to the database – at absolutely no cost to him, whatsoever.

Apart from administering the database, the Alumni Department keeps members informed about events at the College and Hartmann House; it organises reunions; sets up networking and fundraising functions; distributes news about OGs, and is the ‘glue’ holding Old Georgians together all over the world.

In contrast, the OGs’ Association was established in 1921 and is an organisation run by its own Old Georgian members, based in Harare.  Although linked to the College by virtue of those members, it’s independent of St George’s (and the Alumni Office) and is run by a committee voted for by local Old Georgians.  Despite being based in Zimbabwe, the local chapter does not have any say in which other chapters, in other countries, run matters.

At present, no subscription fees are charged for membership of the OGs’ Association.

How does the Ex Fide Fiducia Trust (EFFT) fit in to St George’s and the OGs’ Association?

The EFFT was set up by a group of Old Georgians and formerly launched in April 2016.  It is a legal vehicle based in the United Kingdom, through which assets or money for scholarships and pupil projects, are pledged for future College students.  It was set up to outlive all Old Georgians, and this will ensure that it continues in perpetuity.

The Trust is the official fundraising vehicle for any appeals made to the Old Georgian fraternity, on behalf of St George’s or Hartmann House. The Trust also has charitable status, which means that UK-based donors can pledge amounts and claim tax back on contributions made.

Anyone can donate towards the Trust – an OG, a past parent, a staff member, even a Jesuit alumnus, safe in the knowledge that that gift will be treated exactly as per his/her wishes.

 How can I contribute to the EFFT?

There are several ways in which to support the EFFT.  As an individual donor, you could

  1. a)            give a one-off sum, or
  2. b)            donate via regular debit order, or
  3. c)            leave a legacy – of an asset (property, artwork, jewellery, shares) or money.

Groups of donors, on the other hand, can contribute by getting a group together and pledging a joint amount.


NB : select Alumni as subject when you fill the form.

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