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St George's College - The Quasquicentennial (125 years) & Old Georgians' Association - Centenary (100 years)

In 2021, St George’s College will be celebrating 125 years, as well as the Old Georgians’ Association Centenary (100 years). 
The College is thriving and continues to provide an outstanding education in the country, as well as in the region. We now find ourselves in a rare, once in a lifetime position, where very few institutions and only one other school in Zimbabwe, have had the chance to celebrate such an incredible milestone.
Our Quasquicentennial (125 years) and Centenary (100 years) celebrations will run for the course of the year and will extend into 2022. To celebrate, a series of events will be held to mark this great milestone and achievement as the College both looks to its proud past and its exciting future.
We will celebrate under the theme “Celebrating Faith, Family and Action”. This theme is centred around the 6 key pillars that have been identified as core to the life of St George’s College.
These pillars include: 
  1. Our Ignatian Ethos stemming from our Jesuit roots,
  2. Our Academics,
  3. Our Cultural and Artistic Program,
  4. Our Sports Program,
  5. Our Family (which includes individual families that make up the school and the wider family of Jesuit institutions and other organisations that feed into our College),
  6. The Old Georgians (Old Boys) who are key to the robust history of St George’s College.
Our Celebrations have been infused with the Universal Apostolic Preferences (for more info) – This means that we will be walking with the excluded and are really happy that 2021 marks the second year of the College including female students in Sixth Form. As a school, we endeavour to guide our young people towards a hope-filled future and would like to do so in our common home, where green practices are being adopted continually and showing God’s guidance in our choices and activities.
We are really excited for this  year’s celebrations. We know that if we come, work and dream together, 2021 will be a redefining year for us and the College will never be the same!