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Annual Giving Month


April 23 is St George’s Day and we felt it appropriate to have our major fundraising campaign to collect funds for our development projects and bursaries. While funds are accepted all year round in the month of April we encourage the following donations:

From our OGs – a year match donation where donations are donated in accordance to the year that the Old Georgian left the college

OG Class of $   OG Class of $   OG Class of $
2021 1 1999 23 1977 45
2020 2 1998 24 1976 46
2019 3 1997 25 1975 47
2018 4 1996 26 1974 48

We also appeal to our corporate partners and friends of the college to match donations made by OG class groups.

This year’s appeal campaign will launch in June 2022, but run annually throughout the month of  April from 2023.

To donate,  CLICK HERE