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Bursaries and Scholarships

The College has throughout its history offered bursaries to students in various circumstances and this tradition continues. Our hope is that we can keep this going and extend it to more students. The Bursaries offered will cover tuition cost at various levels and is offered for various academic, sporting and cultural excellence. We also offer fees support to students who may need it at various stages in their education at the College

Special Scholarships: Fr Hugh Ross SJ Memorial Scholarship

The Old Georgian Class of ‘71 launched the Fr Hugh Ross SJ Memorial Scholarship to mark the Old Georgian Association’s Centenary year in 2021. This scholarship was initiated by Rory Knight OG Class of 1971. The scholarship will be administered through Gratia International, an organisation run by Rory Knight that currently gives scholarships to students in Africa to study in Nigeria (Tansian University), South Africa (University of Cape Town & Stellenbosch University) and in Zimbabwe (Arrupe Jesuit University).  The Fr Hugh Ross Memorial Scholarship will add Oxford University to the list of these universities. To donate to this particular scholarship, click here.