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Fr Michael Ross Science Centre

The Fr Michael Ross Science Centre opened its doors to its first students in January 2019.  The rationale behind building the Centre that can house up to 330 students at any one time, was twofold:  a broader curriculum being taught, but particularly, the significant pressure on classroom space.


With more than 750 pupils enrolled in the College, the number of students studying science up to Advanced level has steadily increased to between 75 – 90% of our entire student body.  The quality of passes achieved in public examinations, as well as the pass rate itself, has remained outstanding for decades so those statistics have warranted larger, more contemporary facilities for a long time.


Students and teachers have access to 11 laboratories for physics, biology, chemistry, and Science, with three preparation rooms, a staff room, and offices.  All are fitted with interactive television screens, while the equipment and facilities are of international standards.


The Centre was named after Fr Michael Ross SJ, a College teacher synonymous with teaching physics, mathematics, and astronomy to hundreds of Old Georgians over more than 30 years.  He was affectionately nicknamed ‘Lightbulb’ by the boys; some say it’s because he was forever removing lightbulbs in the boarding hostel to save electricity, while others thought it was because of his shiny, bald head.


The College also wanted to highlight Old Georgians (OGs) who have made significant contributions to and strides in the fields of science and technology.  Choosing who to profile was an immensely interesting but daunting and highly subjective task, because so many OGs have made significant achievements in their careers.


Notable alumni such as OG Dr Cyril Ruwende (class of 1985) were chosen.  Cyril is the Medical Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory & Interventional Cardiology at St Joseph Mercy Hospital in the USA.  Another significant Old Georgian is OG Professor Sir Bruce Keogh (class of 1972); a Cardiac Surgeon by profession, and who was the National Medical Director of the UK’s National Health Service for a decade.


An OG who made his name in engineering is OG Dr Robert Bowyer (class of 1989), currently the Chief Engineer of McLaren Applied Technologies.  Rob spent four years as part of the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team, where he was responsible for real-time vehicle control strategies for seamless-shift gearbox and traction control systems, that gave the car significant performance improvements, before going on to develop Red Bull’s state-of-the-art F1 dynamic motion simulator for vehicle development.