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New Classrooms

In a bid to keep up-to-date with 21st-century trends in teaching, St George’s embarked on an ambitious classroom upgrading exercise which has been progressing well.  It was done to redefine our students’ learning space so as to facilitate effective teaching and learning through problem-solving, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication.


The College initially consulted staff and learners on how best to adapt future rooms to their needs and that collaborative spirit that has so far, been overwhelming.  Coupled in some part with the generosity of Old Georgians who heeded the School’s call to support the ‘classroom makeover’ programme, seven classrooms have so far been completed, and we aim to complete a further three before the end of 2019.


There is a great, important need for St George’s to keep up with contemporary teaching facilities and spaces because for many years, teachers could not move around their classes because the desks were kept in straight lines.  Now, through the students’ own input, they position their desks into groups the way they want, allowing them to have a say in the way they learn.