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Although principally a day school, Saints remains committed to keeping its boarding facilities open for a maximum intake of about 120 boarders. As in the past, we continually strive to upgrade and maintain our dormitories, shower and ablution blocks, as well as the boarders’ study places.


Boarding at St George’s should be considered a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT. Before any pupil is accepted into boarding, the boy and his parents will be interviewed by the hostel master. In the first instance, however, all applications for boarding must be addressed to the Headmaster.

Once the boys have been admitted into boarding, we seek to establish and maintain the closest possible links with the boys’ families.


Our aim, first of all, is to create and maintain an environment for the young where they can feel at home. As a Catholic and Jesuit-run school, we take cognisance of every pupil’s ‘three dimensions; that is, his physical and intellectual potential, as well as his spiritual needs. We aim to create a happy, peaceful and serene atmosphere where, as a result, the boys will flourish in the classroom and in their extramural activities.

Structures: Discipline, Interaction, and further operating Principles

Junior boarders (Forms I & II), middle group (Forms III & IV) and seniors, (L6 & U6) have separate boarding facilities. Hostel is managed by four duty masters and one boarding master, as well as prefects known and trusted for their sense of responsibility and qualities of leadership. Senior boys are housed and study in facilities altogether separate from the junior and middle group boarding facilities.

With large numbers living in relatively close quarters and frequently interacting with each other, we emphasise the values of such virtues as punctuality, manners, personal cleanliness, tidiness, respect and concern for other people’s lives and property, to name just a few.

Bullying is not tolerated in any of its various manifestations. ‘Skivvying’ is rigorously excluded. While the use of corporal punishment is not ruled out in principle and remains the Headmaster’s prerogative, this method of discipline has rarely been employed in the hostel in recent years.

Preferential Policy Places in boarding are reserved exclusively for those who reside outside the city of Harare. Only when these applications have been met can places then be offered to Harare-based boys.


  • Visits: Though the hostel staff act in loco parentis for most of the week, parents / guardians are welcome to visit their son at any time (except during evening studies). They may also take their son out of boarding and keep him at home with them for any length of time – subject, however, to the boarding master’s approval, and providing that the son’s academic and extra-mural obligations are met.
  • Weekends: All boys are expected to go home on weekends. However, they may also stay in until after sports’ fixtures or other obligations on particular weekends. The hostel remains open every weekend except at half term. Boarders may return on Sunday evening or Monday morning in time for registration.
  • Laundry: If a boarder goes home regularly on weekends, it would be helpful if he took his laundry home for washing and ironing. Laundry facilities are available but only for school uniforms and sports kit.  Parents must ensure that ALL CLOTHING items are marked indelibly.
  • Lifts: Parents are requested not to organize lifts for their sons unless they have been given written permission beforehand that they may travel with a friend or relative.
  • Exeats: Boarders will NOT be given permission to leave the school premises during the week (and weekends) by the duty master, unless they have their parents’ approval.  In other words, exeats are granted by parents, not the school authorities. A letter addressed to the boarding master (or via fax or email) will suffice.  If an exeat is for a regular weekly fixture (for example: extra lessons) then one covering letter per term is required.  If these simple requirements are met, permission to leave the premises by boarders will easily be obtained.
  • Weekend Meal Bookings: These must be completed by Wednesday supper. Last-minute alterations, if unavoidable – for instance, cancelled sports matches – may be made. Failure to notify staff of any changes in meal bookings, or failure to arrive for booked meals, is regarded as a serious infringement of regulations, apart from discourtesy.
  • Thrift Shop: Boarders may obtain a purchasing slip from accounts to buy from the school thrift shop. Parents who would like to use this facility need to keep their son’s account credited.
  • Vehicles: Senior boarders may keep their own vehicle on the premises (for valid reasons) providing the necessary documentation is completed.  The first deputy-head and boarding master need to be consulted.  Bicycles may also be kept, subject again, to the boarding master’s approval.
  • Medical Care: Our Dispensary and Sick-Bay are run by fully-qualified state-registered nurses (SRNs) who are available in the boarding Hostel throughout the term.  All boys must be covered by a medical aid society and a card kept in hand.
  • Chapel: Boarders are required to attend Mass on Sunday in the College Chapel at 9am if they are booked to stay in on a weekend. It is compulsory for all boarders to attend morning prayer in the Chapel.  Morning prayer is led by the student body.  Night prayers are said in individual dormitories.
  • Communication: We expect parents to keep the school informed of any problems (whether social, domestic or academic) that their sons may be facing. At the very least, this ensures a more balanced appraisal if decisions regarding a boarder have to be taken by the school authorities.
  • Electronic Gadgets: Discmans, walkmans, ipods, cellphones, PSP’s and lap-tops are brought to the hostel by boarders at their own risk, and their use is governed by Hostel regulations. Radio sets are not permitted. It is a priviledge for borders to have cellphones.  Cellphones are confined to hostel areas only.