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The Bookstore is open on all school day mornings from 7.45 until 12.45.  Textbooks for most subjects are issued from here, and Bookstore is also responsible for keeping these in good order (for which task we employ two bookbinders).  Throughout the year, the Bookstore raises charges for the loss of or damage to any textbook.  If the pupil has an ongoing need for a lost textbook, Bookstore will provide a replacement copy once a charge has been made.

Bookstore supplies the boys with all the exercise books they need, and it also keeps a range of basic stationery for sale to the boys, e.g. pens, pencils, maths sets etc.  If they lose an exercise book, they may buy another one here.   Parents and boys are always welcome to come into the Bookstore with any queries they may have.

Head of Bookstore: Anne Fernandes