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Fr Crehan Library

The College library was started in Bulawayo in 1901, and is the second oldest library in Zimbabwe. The present library building was built in 1940, and was designed along the lines of libraries at Oxford and Cambridge, with long windows along the sides to let in as much natural light as possible. The bookcases in the library were handmade by one of the College Jesuits out of mukwa wood, and the floors are teak. No sooner had the library building been completed, than it was decided to use it as a temporary chapel. The library collection finally came home to its present location in 1973, when the present College chapel was completed.

In 1980, it became the Fr Crehan Library, named after Father Thomas Crehan who dedicated much of his 46 years here to building up the library collection.

Our library has a collection of over 16 000 titles, and is one of the biggest school libraries in Zimbabwe. This includes reference works, a study collection, periodicals and an extensive fiction selection, which is divided up into age-appropriate materials, as well as writing of different genres, and subjects. The collection is constantly updated with new titles to keep the library a dynamic, living entity.