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2012 HIFA Publish the Quest

Thursday, May 10th, 2012 | Academic

Thank you to the SDC for taking HIFA management up on their kind offer for tickets for Publish the Quest to sell as a fund-raiser.  The seven-piece American band  present a mixture of music genres while their lyrics make a poignant commentary on contemporary issues.  The band is managed by an Old Georgian, Johnny Fernandes who is an engineer in Seattle, has a passion for music and photography.  He is the founder/director of two non-profit projects, namely, Project Salt (https://salt.nimekula.org ) preserving the rich musical traditions of Cape Verde and A Wall for Social Consciousness (https://awfsc.nimekula.org ) raising awareness of the orphans of the AIDS epidemic in Zimbabwe.  Children from Emerald Hill Home and from Hatcliffe were Johnny’s guests at the performance.  A few of the Emerald Hill children were on stage singing with the band as the finale.  Last year, and The Quest produced a CD of songs sung by the Hatcliffe children.

Attached are photographs of the event, which was a great success and fun was had by all.