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ATS Inter-Schools' Public Speaking Competition

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 | Academic

St George’s won the ATS Inter-Schools’ Public Speaking Competition held at Lomagundi College last weekend.

Deputy Head Boy Kuziva Zvokuomba won the Seniors’ Division with his speech entitled “The Grand Stock Exchange”; a cleverly written, and superbly delivered, piece advising the audience to invest their time wisely.

Our Junior speaker, Jabulani Mupawose, gained second place with his speech “The Matrix Retold”; with words encouraging the audience to take the ‘red pill’ and be their true selves, rather than their Instagram profile.

Shingai Musasiwa delivered a rousing speech entitled “Wake Up!”; entreating the audience to take an honest look at themselves and how their actions can affect the world. He spoke with some exceptional young men and women and finally took seventh place.

Congratulations to these students for flying high the College flag.