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HAC Shamva 20 Miler (32km) run.

Thursday, December 16th, 2021 | Academic

On Sunday 5th December 2021, we had a team of runners take part in the HAC Shamva 20 Miler (32km) run. The team consisted of staff, parents and Old Georgians (OGs). Below is a list of our runner’s times:Davison Chihambakwe (Uncle to HH student)- 3 hours 3 minsConstantine Moyo (SGC Maths Teacher) – 3 hours 8 mins.Dereck Sigauke (SGC Parent) – 3 hours 22 minsJohn Farrelly (SGC Headmaster) – 3 hours 26 minsTracey Banda (HH Parent) – 3 hours 52 minsLawrence Chihope (SGC Parent) – 4 hours 18 minsCongratulations to everyone!