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Launch of the RKR & MFM Trust Website

Sunday, February 16th, 2014 | Academic

On Monday the 3rd of February a few Old Georgians (class of 2013) and teachers, along with family members and friends of the late Richard Rugube gathered to remember him by planting three trees. There was also media coverage, through The Herald and Daily News newspapers. The first tree in remembrance of Richard, was planted on 1st of December 2012 and those close to him have continued to plant trees annually since then.



Apart from planting the memorial trees, it was also the launch of the Richard Rugube and Marjorie Mutemererwa Trust website (rkrandmfmtrust.org). The main aims of the trust are:

  • To be the leading organization in facilitating wild life conservation and protection of natural habitats.
  • To assist in the promotion and protection of wild life conservancies, sanctuaries, and natural habitat in Zimbabwe and to cooperate with agencies, associations and organizations dedicated to the protection of wildlife, endangered species and the natural environment in Zimbabwe.
  • To promote and facilitate the conservation and protection of wild life and the natural habitat in Zimbabwe.
  • Without prejudice to the generality of the a foregoing the said objects shall include the sponsoring, promoting, undertaking, establishing and conducting of programmes, seminars, public meetings and research into the wild life and the environment.
  • To encourage communities to conserve, develop and nurture natural resources and to adopt responsible use of wild life and natural resources and the environment for their development.
  • To set up, promote, establish , organise and maintain or assist in so doing , research, lectures, conferences and public and private meetings, displays, libraries, study centers, resource centers and the like in wild life and the environment.
  • To disseminate knowledge by acting as publishers, printers and dealers in books, periodicals, leaflets, advertisements or other literature and as producers and distributors of films, records, tapes, video tapes and other means calculated to further support the objects aforesaid and in so far as it may prove necessary, to fund the same by the sale of the aforementioned products and the advertising space therein.
  • To train, educate, maintain during training, persons intending to engage in work carried out in pursuance of the objects hereof, such persons being otherwise unable to undertake such education and training by reason of their circumstances.

(Taken from website: https://www.rkrandmfmtrust.org)


Marjorie Mutemererwa felt this Trust is the perfect way to remember her son, as his legacy lives on through something Richard was very passionate about.


The tree planting started on schedule at 9 o’clock. His close friends Bvumai Kurebwaseka and Anesu Mandeya helped with the direction of operations. Mrs. Judy Wienand (one of the St. George’s Teachers, who helps oversee the planting of trees in the school) gave valuable information on the three trees we would be planting. An important aspect is that all three trees are indigenous, evergreen trees. The reason of planting these trees along the fencing of the Botanical Gardens is to contribute to the natural beauty of the surrounding flora.


The trees planted were:

1. Wild Mango Tree

2. Quinine Tree

3. “Football Fruit” Tree


After the planting of the trees, Marjorie Mutemererwa gave us speech on Richard as well as the vision of the trust. Shortly after this, the website was launched.


Luke Wilson (Class of 2013), one of Richard’s friends who he met through the Wildlife Club at St. George’s College gave a vote of thanks to those in attendance and Anesu Mandeya closed the event the way he had opened it, with a prayer.


The event was a beautiful way to remember a young man who had a vision of preserving, expanding and spreading the beauty of the environment. As trees are a symbol of hope and life may we through Richard’s legacy learn to appreciate and conserve our environment.



By Tinashe Chingoka


Cultural Department, St. George’s College