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Lower 6 Parents and Students Ignatian Ethos Evening

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018 | Academic

“Men of God, Men For and With Others”

This event was well attended by students of L6, back at the College after writing their AS examinations, and their parents.  The Director of Jesuit Ethos, Mr Arthur Garande, introduced the evening and the Chaplain opened in prayer.

At the start of the year the L6 students spent three weeks working at various agencies on their Service Projects, coordinated by Mr Vincent Haddad.   He summed up the 4C’s of Jesuit Education -Competence, Conscience, Compassion and Commitment – as the “Head, Hands and Heart”.  Excellent speeches were delivered by J Guthrie, I Guthrie, D Kapesa and M Mnaphi on their personal experiences and achievements.  The audience was then invited to form small groups to reflect and share deeply on how the Head, Hands and Heart are relevant to them.  The sharing was enjoyed by all.

Once in U6 University applications begin and Mrs King, our Careers counsellor, offered excellent advice via a video.  Students are encouraged to note her advice and keep checking the notice board for talks and deadlines.  Thanks to Saints Media Lab for the video.

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