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MUN Conference Report- PHMUN

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 | Academic

St George’s Model United Nations Society sent seven of its delegates to the first Peterhouse MUN conference, which was also attended by H.I.S, Arundel, and The French School.  Peterhouse Boys’ co-hosted the event, together with sister School, Peterhouse Girls’.


The topic of the conference was: ‘’Are we really at Peace?”.   Several topics were addressed by the ‘United Nations’ main bodies in separate classes:


  1. The UN Security Council – protection of user information on internet from possible threats.


  1. The UN Human Rights Council – Improving women’s rights in conservative states, by supporting the involvement of women in decision making within nations.


  1. The UN Economic and Social Council – Improving co-ordination in the prevention of migrant smuggling.


  1. The UN General Assembly – Making the United Nations relevant to all people.


  1. The UN Environmental Commission – Limiting devastating global warming by combating climate change.


Participants in these discussions included Mr K Bikwa (3), Mr T Usayiwevu (3), Mr D Kapesa (3), Mr D Dangare (1), Mr T Runga (2) and Mr J Mutasa (5).  The delegates spoke confidently and passionately and represented their assigned state’s role to the best of their ability.


Mr A Murerwa acted as chair for ECOSOC.


Special mention must be made to T Usayiwevu and D Dangare for receiving Honourable mention.


By : K Bikwa