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Results of RAZ National Regatta

Friday, February 15th, 2019 | Academic

Congratulations to our St George’s College boat club who won the RAZ National BoysShield for the seventh year now.

Men’s A Single Scull 3rd M Hadingham
Men’s A Single Scull 4th D Maonga
Men’s A Double 1st D Maonga, M Hadingham
Men’s B Single Scull 3rd K Thondlana
Men’s B Single Scull 5th F Nyikavaranda
Men’s B Double 2nd F Nyikavaranda, T Mataranyika
Men’s B Quad 1st N Heally, T Mataranyika,
T Chitonga, F Nyikavaranda,
K Thondlana
Men’s C Single Scull 3rd M Nyamakura
Men’s C Single Scull 4th B Mudzviti
Men’s C Single Scull 5th Z Bere
Men’s C Single Scull 6th G Fore
Men’s C Double 2nd Z Bere, B Mudzviti
Men’s C Double 3rd G Fore, M Nyamakura
Men’s C Quad 1st D Phiri, J Nyagato, M Nyamakura, B
Mudzviti, Z Bere
Men’s D Single Scull 7th D Phiri
Men’s D Double 5th D Pedrosa, S Mautsa
Men’s D Quad 1st J Nyagato, D Pedrosa,
S Mautsa, D Phiri, Matimbira
Overall : Entered 12 1st place x 4


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