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Service Projects 2021

Thursday, December 16th, 2021 | Academic

Traditionally, Service Projects at the College have occurred during the first three weeks of January, as our Lower 6s (Form 4s from the previous year), waited anxiously for their IGCSE results.This time around, the format changed due to Covid-19. Lower 6 students were instead divided into small groups where they partook in various activities of service, both on campus and around Harare. It has been amazing witnessing all students embodying the full spirit of being “Men and Women, for and with Others”, all for the greater glory of God, AMDG!

The various projects included:

Ride about in Mbare – One of the projects involved Lower 6 students going for a guided tour of Mbare. They were led by members of ‘Team up to Clean up’ who pointed out some key aspects of life in Mbare. Places visited included: St Peter’s Church, Stodart Hall, the Mbare Library and the Park. This was definitely an eye opening experience for the students.

Mukuvisi Woodlands and Botanical Gardens – The Lower 6s assisted the Mukuvisi Woodlands staff with the clearing of litter around the woodlands, as well as removing invasive plants, e.g. Lantana Camara. Similar work was done at the Botanical Gardens. Care for the environment is key and is one of the Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Jesuits. Several students said that they will pass on this valuable knowledge to others.

SGC Compost Heaps – To assist with clearing all the ‘green waste’ gathered from either mowing the grounds or trimming the bushes, several sustainable compost heaps were created on campus by the Lower 6 students along with numerous College staff.

Monavale Wetlands – Another really interesting project that the Lower 6s took part in was touring the Monavale Wetlands. Students were educated on how wetlands work, the importance of them and how to preserve them.

Ride about in Epworth – Lower 6 Students went for a guided tour of Epworth where they learnt about the economic activities, social interactions, education and other notable features of life in the area.

SGC Village Children – It was fantastic seeing our Lower 6 Students becoming ‘big brothers and sisters’ to the children of our resident graded staff. They absolutely loved playing games with the children and seeing the joy displayed on every child’s face was absolutely priceless! This was definitely a memorable experience for most students.

SGC Workforce – The Lower 6 students worked alongside the College graded staff, assisting them in various activities that form their daily routines. The interaction between the staff and the students, as they got to know one another, was a great bonding moment. Both staff and students said they had learnt a lot from each other.

Pomona Rubbish Dump – Helen Davidson did an amazing job working with our Lower 6s at the dump. She shared her vast knowledge with the students concerning recycling and what could have possibly been made, from using the rubbish at the dump. Helen wrote a lovely article about this experience. Please follow this link to read it : https://www.facebook.com/1392872250973198/posts/3131570720436667/