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St. George's student awarded Grand Medal

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 | Academic

Recognising the Extraordinary

“Not only can one become extraordinary by doing extraordinary things, but one can also do this by doing ordinary things extraordinarily!” Doing ordinary things extraordinarily needs one to apply a great deal of dedication and commitment and have a passion for what they are doing.

This was true for the world renowned Martin Luther King who, like everyone else, had a dream! A dream is a very ordinary thing but his dream had foresight and was inspirational and truly extraordinary.

The same is true for one Richard Murombedzi, a fruit of the college, class of 2012. Anyone can pick up a paintbrush and splash a bit of paint on a canvas, that’s ordinary, but it takes that added dedication and commitment and passion to make ART that is extraordinary. During his upper sixth year Richard entered an international art competition hosted by The Chinese Embassy. On Monday 22nd July 2013 a delegation came to Saint George’s College to present Richard with a medal, a certificate and a catalogue from the competition. He received a Grand Award, which is regarded higher than a Gold Award for his piece which was titled “Hunter’s Tales” which he described as “…done using colour pencils on painted card. It showed an old San man (from Botswana) telling a form of story to other tribes folks with use of hand gestures and facial expressions. The composition was very unique and typical of African culture. It showed how the older, wiser members of a tribe engaged with the younger, more enthusiastic members. It’s a demonstration of how knowledge and wisdom is passed down from generation to generation.”

Another one of Richard’s pieces titled “Ex Fide Fiducia” is amongst the highlights of this year’s Saint George’s College Art Exhibition.

Our congratulations go out to Richard for his great work and we hope he continues with his artistic passion!!!