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Friday, September 13th, 2013 | Academic

St. George’s College hosted, for the 10th year running, yet another successful T20 Cricket Tournament. The tournament started on Friday the 30th of August to Sunday the 1st of September 2013. The schools that participated were St. Andrew’s College and Kingswood College from Grahamstown, South Africa, Peterhouse, St.John’s College, Churchill, Prince Edward, Falcon College,Gateway and CBC (Bulawayo).

Results of Pool Matches

1. St George’s v Falcon

Falcon 153-7 in 20 overs (K Blatch 58) (K Joubert 2-22 D Sly 2-27  N Nyasha 2-29)

St George’s 148 all out in 19th over (K Matigimu 50)

Result : Falcon won by 5 runs

2. St George’s v Gateway

St George’s158-8 in 20 overs (J Myers 67  B Boshi 27)

Gateway 82 all out in 16 overs (K Joubert 3-18  J Ives 3-14)

Result : won by 76 runs

3. St George’s v Kingswood College (SA)

St George’s 175-5 in 20 overs (J Ives 62 

K Matigimu 39  L Kenny 20)

Kingswood 70 all out in 17 overs (J Ives 5-13  B Boshi 2-2)

Result : won by 105 runs

Overall Standings and team Positions after the Pool

The tournament was this year split into 2 sections with a new format.  The top two teams in each Pool went to have play off matches for the Main ‘CABS’ trophy final and the bottom two teams went to have play off matches for a New Plate Trophy—very kindly donated this year by the White Family in memory of the late Mr Mike White who was a past Chairman of the St George’s Parent T/20 Committee. 

St George’s, like all the other teams had two more play off matches to play in order to try and qualify for the finals.

1. St George’s v Churchill (on Weaver Field)

Churchill 63 all out in 11 overs (D Sly 4-26)

St George’s 65-6 in 11 overs (J Ives 17  K Matigimu 16*)

Result : Won by 4 wickets

2. St George’s v Peterhouse

St George’s 149-4 in 20 overs (J Ives 65  J Myers 62*)

Peterhouse 155-3 in 15 overs (D Peall 78)  (J Ives 3-39)

Result : Lost by 7 wickets

 The Pool matches and Play off matches produced some very close and exciting matches with both some very low scoring but close finishes not only for St George’s but for other teams aswell.  There were also some huge scores with many 6’s hit—much more than ever before.

The finals of the Plate event was between St Andrew’s College (SA) and Hellenic Academy who did extremely well in this their first encounter at our T/20 Festival.

St Andrew’s won the Plate Final.


Hellenic 186-5 in 20 overs (K Van Leeuwen 95*  R Wallbridge 20*)

St Andrew’s 187-2 in 18th over (M Mama 64*  M Leith 88)

Well done to them for winning by 8 wickets.

Then the main Trophy Final was a very closely contested affair to see who was going to get to the finals.  It came down to the last 3 sets of matches in the play offs and because Churchill beat P.E in a thrilling match on Weaver Field it gave Peterhouse a chance to make it to the finals as they had beaten St George’s.  St John’s had to beat Falcon which they did and so it was Peterhouse (in the finals for the second year running!) against St John’s College.


Peterhouse 155-3 in 20 overs (Moolman 34 Nyamusa 31)

St. John’s College 150-9 in 20 overs (Snyman 37)

We congratulate Peterhouse on squeezing out another victory, after winning last year’s final against St. John’s College (South Africa)

At the end of the tournament the overall positions were:

1st: Peterhouse  7th: St. Andrew’s College (SA)

St. John’s College                    


8th:  Hellenic

3rd: St. George’s College                                              

 9th:  Kingswood College (SA)

4th: Churchill

10th:  St. Benedict’s College (SA)

5th: Prince Edward                                                       

11th:   Gateway

6th: Falcon                                                                

12th:  CBC

Click here to view pictures.

After the T/20 Festival, we hosted two of the South African teams, St. Benedicts and Kingswood.

vs St. Benedicts (50 overs match)

St. Benedicts 229-7 (D. Sly 2-23 D. LeGrange 2-19)

St. George’s 140 all out (P. Mushayavanhu 31 B. Sly 21)

Lost by 89 runs

vs Kingswood (50 overs match)

Kingswood 133 all out

St. George’s 135-4 (B. Boshi 43* B. Sly 21*)

Won by 6 wickets


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