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The Fr Michael Ross SJ Science Centre Construction Is Now At Advanced Stages

Thursday, June 21st, 2018 | Academic

St George’s College has embarked on a massive project which will see the opening of a modern, leading-edge Science Block in the year 2019.

This impressive landmark, currently at an advanced stage of construction, will host 11 science laboratories for Biology, Physics, and Chemistry lessons, as well as preparatory rooms and staff offices.

The laboratories will be equipped with the latest apparatus and accessories as well as a 70″ Led smart screen/computer, wired and wireless internet access, PCs, VOIP and CCTV,  complementing our improved and contemporary teaching methods.

The Fr Michael Ross SJ Science Centre is the first step in the College’s initiative to redefine the education space for our pupils.

The project is evidence of St George’s College commitment to excellence in all that it does.

See https://spark.adobe.com/page/dGCQMpExS4HKZ/  for images of our magnificent Science Centre.