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The ‘Golden Invincibles’

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018 | Academic

We were top of the league tables going into this match at St John’s.We were aiming to get the maximum of 18 points from a win over our rivals, with 5 out of 5 wins so far and undefeated in the league. However we had started with some ferocity and our attack wasted no time making their presence felt.

St John’s keeper saved a blazing shot but conceded a corner. K Mills took it and presented a wonderful opportunity for G Chirawu to head it into the back of the goal with certain conviction. This gave the team the momentum they needed and we put relentless pressure straight back onto the Rams! They crumbled and allowed the inform R Aliam to capitalize on a mistake and score our second goal with a touch of ‘gold’. This gave us more inspiration to fight harder despite signs of fatigue.

With the 2 goal cushion we took our foot off the pedal slightly and St John’s tried to score against us. Our defence held firm and we prevented any goal from them to keep our slate clean with a well deserved team win 2-0 in front of their home crowd. Well done! We now need to maintain this form in the CHISZ Tournament over Half Term at Kyle College.