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Visit by Boston College High School

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 | Academic

On Tuesday the 12th February, the school hosted four visitors from BC High as it frequently called.  They were Dan Carmody (Director of International Programmes and Assistant to Education Secretariat of Jesuit Education), Kim Smith (Dean of Academics), John Mark (Director of Campus Ministries) and Michael Clancy (teacher of History).  Their visit was a follow-up to the ICJSE (International Colloquium of Jesuit Secondary Education) – the brainchild of BC High. 

Each visitor had the opportunity to meet separately with a different group from both the Lower and Upper Sixth Forms.  In discussions with the College Administration, the possibility and manner of exchange programmes were explored. 

In the afternoon the group visited L’Arche, accompanied by the boys who did thier Service Project there, namely, Tamuka Keche, Daniel Lindsay and  Felix Mpala.  Thery were joined by those who went out to St Rupert Mayer Mission – Pegywell Makuchete, Neil Stringer and Joshua Gravel.

The day ended with a cocktail reception in the Pavilion affording leisurely interaction with teachers and SDC members.