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The Chaplaincy is responsible for the pastoral care and spiritual nourishment of the whole College community.  Religious activities at the College – Service Projects, Interact, Days of Recollection, Retreats, Christian Life Community (CLC), and Crusaders of the Blessed Sacrament – all find support and direction from our Chaplaincy.  Cura Personalisis is at the heart of our work.  This means that all who need moral and spiritual support can receive it from the Chaplain or the team that works closely with him.  Thus counseling services are available to those who need them at special moments, such as, a turning point in one’s life, loss, bereavement or indeed when there are any issues that require that extra touch to see one through.  The Chaplaincy operates primarily from three spaces: the Chapel (both at Hartmann House and St George’s), Chaplain’s office and the Religious Education room at the College.

Our religious education aims to form young men and women who are both religious and of high moral standards.  Thus our curriculum lays emphasis on the quality of our graduate as outlined in the profile of a graduate of St George’s College.  In the words of Fr. Kolvenbach SJ, we aim to form men of “Competence, Conscience, and Compassionate Commitment”.