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Prayer is at the heart of everything we do as a Jesuit institution.  All our activities ought to start with God and find their joyful completion in him.  Thus in our daily lives, there are several moments of prayer.

In keeping with Jesuit and Ignatian tradition and practise, however, we set time aside for retreats. According to a plan, various members of the community take time to leave their daily routines and go away to pray.  The content and plan for these days of prayer vary according to the age and experience of the retreatants.  At the end of it, participants come back renewed and refreshed and ready to give generously of themselves to the Love of God and the service of humanity. Because of our multicultural and multi-faith nature, our retreats are designed to be inclusive as far as possible. They, like all other spiritual activities, are not meant to convert participants to our Roman Catholic faith but rather to inspire them in their respective faith communities to a deeper knowledge of God and a closer following of his inspiration.