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St George's College All Souls

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 | Academic

The College celebrated All Souls on the 2nd November in union with the church worldwide. Many OG family and friends attended to remember their loved ones who had died in the past year. The names of the 90 were called and prayed for during the Eucharistic celebration. Candles representing the 90 were lit and carried in procession to the Altar. Those who have died are part of our own flesh and blood or our dear friends, or even totally unknown to any of us. Even if unknown and unmourned, we hope and believe that they are in God’s hands. When those we know left us, we felt the pain and the words of faith and consolation spoken to us then sounded hollow. On All Souls we dare to say in faith that they are alive in the Lord and near to us even beyond death.  In Christ we have God’s promise that we will rise from the dead for glory and eternal joy. In this hope we commended all the dead into the hands of the living God. We entrusted them to the Lord and prayed that they may be with us in our struggles.


Neither death nor life,

nothing that exists, nothing still to come

nor any created thing

can ever come between us and the love of God

made visible in Christ Jesus our Lord.

(Rom 8:38-39)


Our mourning guests, after mass, were invited to the College pavilion to share in refreshments and friendship