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Weekly Results

2018/Term 3/Week 4

Discipline Against Age / Team Result
Cricket Peterhouse U14B T/20 (1st) Won by 3 wickets
    U14B T/10 (2nd) Won by 7 wickets
    U14A (50 over) Won by 6 wickets
    U15B T/20 (1st) Lost by 7 wickets
    U15B T/10 (2nd) Lost by 22 runs
    U15A (50 over) Lost by 290 runs
    U16B T/20 (1st) Lost by 42 runs
    U16B T/10 (2nd) Lost by 66 runs
    U16A (50 over) Lost by 198 runs
    2nd XI T/20 (1st) Lost by 10 wickets
    2nd XI T/20 (2nd) Lost by 10 wickets
    1st XI (50 overs) Lost by 41 runs
Tennis Peterhouse U14 Lost 1-11
    U15 Lost 4-8
    U16 Lost 0-12
    1st Team Won 7-5
  Prince Edward – Finals of Mim Du Toit Trophy
    1st Team Lost 3-9
Waterpolo Crusader Shield Tournament
  CBC 1st Team Lost 5-8
  St John’s 1st Team Lost 6-11
  Falcon 1st Team Lost 5-9
  Hellenic 1st Team Lost 3-12
  Peterhouse 1st Team Won 9-3
Basketball St John’s College U14A Won 27-5
    U14B Won 8-4
    U14C Won 8-5
    U15A Lost 17-27
    U15B Lost 11-25
    U15C Won  15-14
    U16A Won 27-17
    U16B Lost 8-11
    3rd Team Lost 15-17
    2nd Team Won 22-9
    1st Team Won 59-43
Swimming Interschools Gala at St John’s College
    1st CBC
    2nd St John’s College
    3rd Hellenic
    4th Peterhouse
    5th St George’s
    6th Eaglesvale
    7th Prince Edward
Volleyball Msengezi          U15B U15B Won 2-1
                             U15A U15A Won 2-0
                            U15A U15B Lost 0-2
Rowing Head of the Dam Regatta


2018/Term 3/Week 3

Discipline Against Age / Team Result
Cricket St John’s College U14A Won by 56 runs
  U14B Won by 10 runs
  U15A Won by 37 runs
  U15B Lost by 9 wickets
  U16A Lost by 89 runs
  2nd XI Lost by 8 wickets
  1st XI Won by 6 runs
Tennis St John’s College U14 Lost 5-7
  U15 Lost 2-10
  U16 Lost 0-12
Semi finals of Mim du Toit 1st Team Won 8-4

2018/Term3/Week 2 Results

Discipline Against Age / Team Result
Cricket Hellenic Academy U14A Lost by 7 wickets
  U15A Won by 6 wickets
  U16A Won by 2 runs
  Lomagundi College U14B (1st match) Won by 10 wickets
  U14B (2nd match) Won by 76 runs
  U15B Lost by 8 wickets
  U16B Lost by 28 runs
  2nd XI Won by 8 wickets
  St John’s RAM SLAM T/20 Festival
  Falcon College 1st XI Won by 30 runs
  Churchill 1st XI Lost by 38 runs
  St Andrew’s College

Bloemfontein RSA

1st XI Lost by 66 runs
  Peterhouse 1st XI Won by 35 runs
  Overall Position : 5th place
Basketball Gateway U14A Won 33-5
  U14B Lost 4-12
  U15A Won 19-6
  U15B Won 22-7
  U16A Won 18-17
  U16B Lost 3-14
  3rd Team Won 15-6
  2nd Team Won 19-11
  1st Team Won 48-28
Tennis Prince Edward U14 Lost 3-9
  U15 Won 7-5
  U16 Lost 0-12
  1st Team Lost 2 ½ – 9 ½
Badminton St George’s Boys & Girls Tournament
  1st Team Overall 5th places
Waterpolo St John’s U14B U14A Won 13-5
  Peterhouse U15A Drew 5-5
  St John’s 1st Team Lost 2-11
  Peterhouse 1st Team Lost 2-7
Rowing St George’s College Boat Club Regatta
Overall Results Entered 11 races Won 4

2018/Term 3/Week 1 Results