To donate towards the current College Projects, click here. Thank you

To donate towards the current College Projects, click here. Thank you



Head of Department: Mrs M. Warren – Codrington.

Members of Staff:  Mr T. Gwariro, Mr L. Chifokoyo, Miss P. Nhongo, Mr M. Nhlema.

Functions of the Department:

Life Skills lessons for Form 1 and 2

The object of Life Skills lessons is to address topics of a non-academic nature that are relevant and necessary for normal development in the modern world.  The delivery is made through lectures, Power Point presentations and videos, which make a pleasant change from the normal lesson format.  Students are encouraged to participate and ask questions.  A number of sensitive issues are addressed, and the syllabus is constantly revised to include topical matters.  The intention is to contribute to the holistic development and education of students.

Career Guidance

Career Guidance begins in the third term of Form 2 when subject choices for the IGCSE  syllabus are discussed during Life Skills lessons.  Students are encouraged to choose subjects that are within their capability, that interest them, and that may be relevant to potential career interests.  Again towards the end of Form 4, we address the issue of subject choice for A Levels.

The Careers Room is filled with information about tertiary education options, and there are computers available for online research.  Students are encouraged to avail themselves of these facilities and the staff on hand for this function.  Personal career counselling and preparation is available and assistance is provided for university and college applications.

Throughout the year representatives from colleges, universities and professions visit St George’s, and these talks are advertised to Sixth Form students.  In addition, other careers events in Harare are advertised on our notice boards.


The primary function of the Educentre is to provide remediation for students who may have difficulties with English or Mathematics.  Students may be referred by teachers or parents, or may come of their own accord.  They are placed in programmes relevant to their level of attainment, and expected to attend regularly until completion of that programme.  Some lessons are delivered during curriculum time, others may be in the afternoon.

In addition, the Educentre assists other academic departments by facilitating supplementary lessons in subjects where students may be experiencing difficulties, either individually or in small groups. Assistance with study methods and techniques is also provided on request