To donate towards the current College Projects, click here. Thank you

To donate towards the current College Projects, click here. Thank you


Here are some of our programmes;

Parents’ Programmes

In the imparting of our Jesuit Ethos to parents, there are various activities scheduled. The involvement of parents is in keeping with our appreciation of the fact that parents and the schools work together collaboratively to bring up the young men and women in our care according to the defined aims.  These programmes include presentations at the induction of new parents into the community.  Other presentations are made at parent gatherings, such as SDC meetings, assemblies and parent’s evenings organized by age group.

Staff Programmes

We share our Ignatian Ethos with staff at various forums like staff meetings and School assemblies. Of note, however, are Ignatian Forums whose primary focus is precisely the presentation and reflection on various Ignatian themes as necessary.

Student Programmes

Student programmes for the sharing of Ignatian ethos include retreats, Chapel services and themed classes where Ignatian values are shared.  Periodically these themed classes take the form of specific social topics taken from the Education for Living (EFL) syllabus.  Service takes various forms from fundraising for specific charities, or donation of various goods such as dry foods or old clothes. The distinctive service at St George’s College is the Service Project initiative which is mandatory for all Lower 6 students who wish to be considered for a place in the senior part of the School.

Red Chair Campaign

As part of our participation in the global projects of Jesuit Schools worldwide, St George’s College and Hartmann House are participating in the Red Chair Campaign. Though their own contributions, students are helping keep a peer who would have been a school dropout, in the education system.  Since its launch, this project has been a huge success.

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Companions’ Programmes

We are part of an ever-growing worldwide network of Jesuit Schools. As a way of leveraging this huge network, we have entered into various partnerships which broaden our sense of being global citizens. These partnerships range from online interactions using social media to actual physical exchange programmes where our students travel to various parts of the world as well as host students from the same.

An example is the Boston Exchange programmes.