To donate towards the current College Projects, click here. Thank you

To donate towards the current College Projects, click here. Thank you


Head of Department : Mrs C. Mudavanhu.

Members Of Department: Mrs S. Mudavanhu, Mr M. Chifokoyo and Mr T. Tichivangana.

The Educentre is the school’s learning support centre. It provides lessons that have been arranged so that students can receive extra teaching time to increase their level of competency in a particular subject area. Any student who feels they are not coping with classwork, are not working to the best of their potential or wish to improve their current level and challenge their abilities are welcome.

Lessons are taught in small groups or individually depending on the learners’ needs. Some students may benefit from interaction with Educentre’s peer mentors of former St George’s students. Mentors’ personal experience in the school system enables them to tutor with valuable knowledge of expected classwork standards, curriculum requirements and good study habits to attain a better quality of schoolwork.

The Educentre is open throughout the day. Lessons are offered in the mornings during a student’s non-curriculum subject periods and in the afternoons before the start of sports. Referral for learning support may be through parents, teachers, or a student may request help on their own. Once enrolled in Educentre we encourage students to commit to the learning program. Regular attendance will ensure they maintain a good standard of skills and make meaningful progress in order to meet their intended potential.