To donate towards the current College Projects, click here. Thank you

To donate towards the current College Projects, click here. Thank you


Jesuit education is intended as a preparation for a life of active, social commitment. Students of Jesuit Colleges and thus students of St George’s College are encouraged to understand their own ‘place’ in the world, in terms of educational and socio-economic opportunities, and to use these opportunities in compassionate service of others, especially those whose opportunities have been less than theirs or who are the victims of poverty and injustice.

The 3 week ‘Service Projects’ that our Lower Sixth students (Year 12) embark on exposes them to the wider world of the underprivileged. The mission of the Church and in turn the mission of Jesuit schools is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in this way to build the Kingdom, by serving and humanising the world and giving glory to God. The community outside the College gates needs our service, our witness and our active participation so that Christ may be present in the world.

The ‘Lenten Campaign’ which is a follow on from the ‘Service Projects’, encourages the whole College to participate in the upliftment of each of the Agencies our senior students serve. The Lenten Campaign runs for the duration of the Liturgical Season of Lent annually.

St Ignatius said that ‘Love is shown in deeds’. Religion is deeply personal but not private. Faith which does not expose itself in love for others and the passionate quest for justice lacks authenticity. Jesuit College’s, St George’s College, aim to facilitate the emergence of young men (& women) who will exercise leadership in terms of these values and seek to be agents of change, not more or less passive upholders of the status quo.


Agency Advisor

1. Tinokwirira

2. St Catherine’s

3. Batsirai

4. Zambuko

5. St Giles School

6. St Giles Rehab Centre

7. EM Hill Deaf School

8. EM Hill Children’s Home

9. St Rupert Mayer Mission

10. Crowhill School

11. Dorothy Duncan Centre

12. Tose

13. St Joseph’s Primary School

14. Jairos Jiri Southerton

15. Jairos Jiri Waterfalls

16. St Peter’s Primary School

17. Ruvimbo Special School

18. St Marcellin Ch Home

19. Harare Children’s Home

20. Harare Central Prisons School

21. Tomlinson Depot School

22. Shingirai Primary School

23. Glenview 4 Government School

24. Missionaries Charity

25. L’Arche

To gauge a feel of Service Projects, feel free to view the following videos of St George’s students who have been part of the programme: