To donate towards the current College Projects, click here. Thank you

To donate towards the current College Projects, click here. Thank you

Recap of the College’s Quasquicentennial 125th Anniversary Old Georgians Association Centenary

RECAP OF THE COLLEGE’S QUASQUICENTENNIAL (125TH) ANNIVERSARY & OLD GEORGIANS’ ASSOCIATION CENTENARY Navigation New Developments and Upgrades Fr Micheal Ross Science Centre Strength and Conditioning Structural Upgrade of the College Tower Continual Classroom Refurbishments Development Office Cambridge Professional Development Centre New Sports’ Offices inside the Swimming Pool Area Construction of the New Female Students Ablutions […]

Refurbishment of the Colleges Boarding Department

ABOUT THE DEVELOPMENT OFFICE Navigation The reason why this facility needs to be upgraded is for us to maintain diversity at the College, remain globally relevant and competitive.This project is in the feasibility study phase with specifics to come in future communications.

Multi Purpose Sports Facility

MULTI-PURPOSE SPORTS FACILITY Navigation This Sports facility which will be developed in various phases will allow our students to participate in sporting activities and practices year-round, regardless of season and weather conditions. Such a facility is essential to maintain our high level of competitiveness in sport. Furthermore, the Sports facility will provide a single venue […]

Bursaries and Scholarships

BURSARIES AND SCHOLARSHIPS Navigation The College has throughout its history offered bursaries to students in various circumstances and this tradition continues. Our hope is that we can keep this going and extend it to more students. The Bursaries offered will cover tuition cost at various levels and is offered for various academic, sporting and cultural […]

Development Projects

DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS Navigation As part of the team’s core mandate, the following projects have been identified by the Board of Governors and all fundraising efforts made are directed solely to these projects.

New College Living Museum and Archives

NEW COLLEGE LIVING MUSEUM AND ARCHIVES Navigation After 125 years of students passing through the College, we have amassed an amazing collection of records, artefacts, photographs, publications, videos and other historical items that have outgrown our current College archival space. The College now aims to build a structure that will be a living museum for […]

Annual Giving Month

ANNUAL GIVING MONTH April 23 is St George’s Day and we felt it appropriate to have our major fundraising campaign to collect funds for our development projects and bursaries. While funds are accepted all year round in the month of April we encourage the following donations: From our OGs – a year match donation where […]

Meet the Team

MEET THE TEAM Navigation Head of Development  – Cell – 0785663139  ext 8114 Alumni Liaison – ext 8114 Marketing Executive –  Cell 0785663136 Development Office Coordinator – cell –

Donations and gifts

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DEVELOPMENT Donations and Gifts Donations and Gifts Donating in Zimbabwe CLICK HERE Donating outside of Zimbabwe CLICK HERE and scroll down to the DONATE button… Read More Recap of the College’s Quasquicentennial (125th) Anniversary & Old Georgians’ Association Centenary Recap of the College’s Quasquicentennial (125th) Anniversary & Old Georgians’ Association Centenary Read More Annual Giving […]