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To donate towards the current College Projects, click here. Thank you


Head of Department: Mrs V. Murombedzi.

Members of staff: Mrs E. Magaya, Mrs T. Janda.

Departmental Aims

  • To equip students with artistic skills and knowledge that would help them throughout their lives to be able to appreciate art as a creative factor, and also to express themselves through it.
  • To help senior students who would decide to make art as their professional career to make an easy transformation from high school into any institution of their choice.

Art at St George’s College

  • The Form 1 syllabus is focused on making students understand basic elements of art, such as line, shape, value, form, colour, texture and space, and their use in creating pictorial compositions. At the end of the first year, students make their choices based on their results and love for the subject. Some will continue doing Art while others can opt to study History as an alternative.
  • The Form 2 Syllabus is focused on solidifying the knowledge and skills acquired during the previous year. At the end of this year, students are offered a choice between Art / History or Business Studies.
  • The Form 3 and 4 syllabus is aimed at developing each individual’s artistic abilities to prepare them for their IGCSE examinations. Further studies are based on the experiences gained in Form 1 and 2. Style development becomes more complex, the use of perspective is studied, as well as figure and portraiture drawing, portraying mood and atmosphere in studies of nature. More demanding studies are sought through indoor and outdoor observation. There is an introduction to the variety of different mediums such as water colours, charcoal, chalk pastels, oil pastels, ink and the use of mixed media in artwork production.
  • At the end of Form 4, the pupils are prepared for their IGCSE examination, which comprises two components. Component 1 is observational/Interpretative Assignment and is an 8 hour examination. Compnent 2 is Coursework Assignment which consists of a variety of work produced throughout Form 3 and 4, under painting and related media area of study.

AS & A Level Syllabus

The development of skills and knowledge learned up to Form 4 are further developed at this level, with the emphasis on individuality and personal expression and imagination. More emphasis is placed on the development of an individual’s style in still life, portraiture, landscape studies or abstract and figurative compositions. At the end of first year of Advanced level some students may choose to do AS Level examination and their result will be carried forward to the final year of study or they may choose to do A Level at the end of the second year.

During the course of two years of studies students would attend art camps at Lake Chivero and Nyanga. At the end of thier A Levels, students receive consultation on their future career choices, as they are then ready to enroll in any art institution.

Career Prospects:

Art is the discipline of practical dreamers and innovators. The visual art industry is one of the fastest growing and diversified in the modern world. Art is regarded as requisite skill at university level in disciplines such as Advertisement, Multimedia Art and Animation, Architecture, Film production, Industrial design. Graphic design as well as in such careers as curatorship and web-designing. Employment in graphic designing is growing faster than the average of all other occupations as demand continues to grow from advertisers, publishers, and computer designing firms. Multimedia Art is also growing just as fast in both developed and developing countries.