To donate towards the current College Projects, click here. Thank you

To donate towards the current College Projects, click here. Thank you


Head of Department: Mr I. Shone.

Members of Staff: Mr E. Mutombwa, Mr F. Mushonga, Ms M. Dzwowa, Mr G. Samukange, Mr F. Mugoni, Mr C .Moyo, Mr A. Dambire, Mr M. Phiri and Mrs T Chipangura.

Departmental Aims

To develop critical thinking and analytical problem-solving skills as well as to prepare students for future Mathematics studies and applications.

Mathematics Department Expectations

The department has high expectations for each student.
Mathematics should be studied as a tool for effective citizenship, as a tool for functioning in a technological world, as a system in its own right, or as a fulfillment of requirements — high school graduation or college entrance.

St George’s College Mathematics Department supports students in these endeavours through well-planned lessons that prepare them for public assessments.

Form 1 & 2

In Form 1 and 2 (Year 8 & 9), students start right away with IGCSE basic concepts and are able to follow the internal syllabus based on the CIE structure which will be later developed in Form 3 & 4 (Year 10 & 11). They are clearly made aware of the need to develop critical thinking in high order. Emphasis is on introducing the base for IGCSE Mathematics.

Form 3 & 4

Sets 1 to 4 do Extended Mathematics based on the Syllabus code 0580. The setting is purely on merit after a thorough rank order system that is done at the end of Form 2. Sets 5 and 6 do Core Maths and again based on the Syllabus code 0580.

Advanced Subsidary/Advanced Level

Mathematics (CIE 9709)

AS papers cover Pure Mathematics 1(Paper 1) and Statistics 1(Paper 5). Candidates sit for these two papers at the end of Lower 6 (Year 12). Depending on the results, candidates may rewrite in Upper 6 (Year 13) or they just concentrate on the other two A2 papers.

A2 papers cover Pure Mathematics 3(Paper 3) and Mechanics 1(Paper 4). Candidates sit for these at the end of Upper 6.

New Fr Hugh Ross Mathematics Centre

The College’s old science gallery was completed in the mid-1950s but, was earmarked for bigger and better things through its refurbishment programme.

The structure of the gallery is still sound thus, refurbishment focussed on re-wiring and installing new lighting.  The upper gallery was hollowed out and by the end of 2019, will have been converted into six new maths classrooms and offices.  Taking cognisance of the Jesuit document (Rio de Janeiro) 2017, all the beautiful old wood will have been recycled into modern classroom furniture, so that the Centre is both contemporary and historical.

Career Prospects:

Mathematics is required at A Level for entry into most degree courses locally, regionally and internationally. It is essential for careers in Architecture, Commerce, and Engineering Science, among others.

Recent Cambridge Award Winning Students

  • Garikai Gijima – Top in the world – AS Level (2019)
  • Garikai Gijima – Top in Zimbabwe – A Level (2020)